Julie Kokesch Psy.D.


Dr. Julie K creates a unique experience for each every client. She uses modern consulting techniques which incorporate both clinical and holistic approaches to healing. Her scope of expertise ranges from traditional coaching and counseling to those individuals with alternative lifestyle issues in need of specialized plan. Her compassion, life experience and understanding for people from all walks of life is what gives Dr. Julie her magic touch. 


Julie earned a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from UCLA and her Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology from Ryokan College.  During her internships Julie worked with the Gay & Lesbian Center of Los Angeles, a private Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Malibu and an outpatient Treatment Center for teens and their families. 


She also had her own business where she facilitated meditation & wellness workshops for both men and women. 


She earned her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Ryokan College where she focused her dissertation  on the "Psychological Manifestations of Internet Addiction in the Digital Native Population” and currently lectures on the subject at select graduate schools and universities.  


Julie now has her own private practice in Marina Del Rey and see’s clients online.


Clients who visit her Los Angeles office can experience some of her updated methods which include Neuroacoustic Vibrational Medicine. This is a modern technology used too support and further personal growth and optimal wellness.  For her clients who are Athletes and Peak Performers she can offer programs designed for specific Brainwave Entrainment.


Call or visit Dr. Julie K to design your customized program and experience her knowledge and commitment to bring you to complete health. 

The first appointment is a discounted phone or skype Initial Consultation where we determine how & when we can begin working together.  The first appointment is more for information gathering and goal setting, as well as answering questions about Neuroacoustics.


Our second appointment is when the deeper work begins. The duration and frequency of Neuroacoustic sessions is determined based on the goals you desire to achieve and your mind and bodies capacity to grow and adapt.  If exponential growth is desired, Neuroacoustic music may be prescribed to listen to in between session.



Book a session with Julie and get started on your path to a more productive, balanced and centered lifestyle.

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